Are pets allowed? Yes. Preston Hollow allows up to two pets per apartment. The pet deposit is $400 ($200 refundable) per pet. Pet rent is $30 per pet per month. Breed restrictions and restrictions on exotic animals do apply. Please contact the management office at 801-288-5100 for details.
When is rent due? Rent is due on the 1st day of each month. If rent is not paid by the 3rd day of the month (regardless of weekends or holidays) the resident agrees to pay a late charge of $100. Rent and fees are to be paid to Preston Hollow apartments. Cash payments are not accepted. A rent drop box is provided on the west side of the leasing office adjacent to the volleyball court. All payments must be enclosed in a sealed envelope with resident’s name and apartment number written on the exterior. Rent payments received after 3:00 p.m. will be credited on the following business day. Cash payments will not be accepted in the rent drop box or at the Management Office.
What are noise restrictions? Residents should not make or permit any disturbing noise in the building at anytime. Residents should not do or permit anything to be done that would interfere with the rights, comfort or conveniences of other residents. The period from 10pm to 8 am is considered quit hours. During this period, any activity that generates noise that unreasonably disturbs another resident is prohibited.
What is the policy relating to drug and criminal activity on the property? Any residents, occupants, guests, family members, or other persons related to or affiliated in any way with the resident shall not engage in any unlawful activity on or around the property. The resident must promptly disclose all such unlawful activity in writing to Building Management so the proper authorities may be notified.
What can I do in the common areas? The halls, sidewalks, stairways, elevators, parking ramps and other similar areas of the building shall not be obstructed or used for any purpose other than entrance to and exit from the apartments. Loitering or causing disturbances are not permitted on the stairways or in the halls, breezeways or parking areas of the buildings. Residents are responsible for seeing that their visitors obey the community rules while on the premises.
Can I add a shade or awning to the outside of my window? Shades, awnings or window guards are prohibited on the exterior of the buildings.
Are signs permitted? No sign or message of any kind should be displayed on or from any residence, common area or limited common area (including any balcony), nor shall any sign or message of any kind be inscribed, painted, engraved or affixed to the exterior of any apartment, common area or limited common area (including any balcony) except as permitted by Preston Hollow Management.
Can Preston Hollow Management enter my apartment home? Preston Hollow Management will always make an attempt to get permission to enter before entering the apartment. However, Preston Hollow Management and its duly authorized agents have the right to enter any and all of the apartments, limited common areas and storage units in cases of emergency originating in or threatening such apartments or any other part of the premises, whether or not the residents of the apartment are present at the time.
Who is allowed to get a key to my apartment? Preston Hollow Management will only release keys to lease holders. If it is required that someone other than those listed on the lease need access to the aparmtent, the lease holder must provide written authorization.
Are satellite dishes allowed at Preston Hollow? All of Preston Hollow's apartment homes are wired for Comcast high speed cable and internet. Please contact Preston Hollow Management to obtain contact information for Comcast to set your cable services up. We do allow satellite dishes at Preston Hollow under the following circumstances: The satellite is set up on the patio/balcony with a tripod. Under the FCC order, you may not damage or alter the leased premises and may not drill holes through outside walls, door jams, windowells etc.
Does Preston Hollow Apartments require Renters Insurance? Preston Hollow does require renters insurance. We require residents to bring a copy of the declaration page showing $100 K in personal liability to management to maintain in the resident file.

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